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Fisheries New Zealand rolled out electronic reporting (ER) in stages across all commercial fisheries during 2019. Today, all commercial fishers must report their catch and position electronically. 

eCatch is the key electronic logbook/app for recording and submitting commercial catch information

Pivotel's ‘RockSTAR’ unit is the preferred GPR solution among pāua divers

Download the pāua industry 'G.O.A.T' guidance booklet on ER/GPR

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All ‘Catch and Effort’ data from commercial fishing events is required to be recorded onto an electronic device that houses an approved electronic reporting (ER) application.

These electronic reports (ERs) must then be transmitted to FishServe each day a fishing event takes place. The net result for the pāua industry is increased accuracy and greatly improved timeliness (i.e. same day).

When ERs are sent to FishServe a mirror of the ER data is simultaneously transmitted to Dragonfly – a data analysis service provider. The information from these ERs are automatically uploaded into pāua divers’ Dashboard systems and used by harvesters to establish where fishing has occurred and where they should go fishing next, or areas to avoid. 

Geospatial Position Reporting (GPR) is provided by a second device, which, during a fishing event, transmits its location via satellite directly to the Ministry for Primary Industries’ (MPI) compliance team automatically every 10 minutes.


GPR provides a real time, robust data stream that compliance can use to check each vessel’s location in relation to areas with spatial or fishing gear type closures. GPR also provides a tangible safety platform so if communications with a fishing vessel cease then there is a viewable record of where its location was last reported. 


There are a range of approved technology solutions and providers commercial fishers can choose from to report their catch electronically. 



The Pāua Industry Council is working with Maritime NZ and the Ministry for Primary Industries compliance team to improve the clarity of information available to fishers on ER/GPR and to identify solutions to common problems.

The result has been the refinement of an ER/GPR guidance booklet containing the following information: 

  1. An eCatch reporting “DIVING - How to Guide” and how to access other guides that are available

  2. The Pivotel “TraceTrak” system where you can access your own GPR data. 

  3. Dragonfly Dashboards and how to access them

  4. A summary of when specific parts of ER & GPR need to happen

  5. A breakdown of key points, problems that Fisheries NZ has identified and what is required of pāua divers

  6. Information on vessel tenders

  7. Commercial skippers’ ticket for the pāua industry



Please note, the booklet has been developed as a reference guide only. It is NOT a legal document.

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